Our Members Share!

Jessica A. | "Just get there!"

“I had the opportunity to join SGB during both my maternity leaves. ICE was selected first as I thought the cardio would be best to “get into shape.”

The vibe, variety and pace of the ICE classes made it enjoyable. Then I signed up for FIRE and it is amazing! I can see and feel the results. Tracking your progress makes FIRE motivating to show up on those tough days to “just get there.”

Not only will Sheryl work with you to find your starting place, she will continue to coach you throughout the session. She keeps it light and the atmosphere has been friendly and supportive.

Whatever class you choose to do, show up as you are and attend regularly, do what you can, and enjoy the progress. I recommend both classes, but if I had to choose, FIRE is the one for me right now.”

Judy L. | "My joy at SGB"

When Sheryl opened her own gym I was going through treatments for breast cancer. I have been active all my life. I was an outdoor girl doing fun activities in all seasons.

So the year of cancer school gave me a new perspective. Friends encouraged me to start at the gym. It was a slow return to my former me. I have great memories sitting on the bike during ice classes. Yes I was just sitting and loving the energy everyone was emitting! Yup that is what brings me – joy!

I graduated successfully from cancer school and have had even more success in the gym. Going to the gym is an investment in my health and wellbeing. More expensive than chocolate or wine but way better for my heart. Sheryl always impresses me with her knowledge of movement. She consistently provides alternatives that improve my strength and mobility. I have shoulder issues, however my strength and range continue to increase.

It has not been overnight, but with consistent attendance at the gym, there have been changes. I attend both FIRE and ICE classes. My peeps in the gym are encouraging and fun. 

Sheryl has my best interest at heart. As I get closer to my 72nd year I am excited for my health and fitness. Yes, I will be able to do my 5-day backpack trips in
the summer. Looks like I am a lifer at SGB.

Laura C. | "I used to hate going to the gym."

“I am naturally lean and healthy and enjoy distance running. I joined FIRE to meet new people and build muscle. Safety and proper technique are important to me so I appreciate the coaching and one on one within the class. I used to hate going to the gym and now I miss it when I have to miss a class!”

Janet W. | "I'm proud of myself for what I've accomplished."

“Even though all classes and programs are done as a group, you change as an individual. You work at your own pace and comfort level. No one judges you. As time went on I began to really challenge myself because I was confident in Sheryl’s instruction and I knew I could work harder. I am proud of myself for what I have accomplished and look forward to the start of a new session.”

Our Members Love Virtual Classes!

Barb Kelly - "Highlight of my week."

“I have been attending the virtual classes since last May and love it. I don’t live in Pincher Creek and there are no continual virtual classes where I live. I jumped on the opportunity to have exercise classes right in my home. Sheryl is one of the best coaches I have ever had, her classes are always different, upbeat and modifying for your abilities. Honestly it is the highlight of my week, I know that sounds corny but I have exercised for years and I have never been this dedicated to a program. I like that I get the classes because I do try to do another class on Friday and Sheryl sends out a weekend FUN workout, that is an extra for signing up. If you choose this program you will not be disappointed. Remember the stronger you are the healthy you will be physically and mentally.”

Kimberley Jorgensen - "Gives me everything I need . . ."

“Sheryl is amazing and being able to continue working out with the group on Zoom or on my own if I work late, is incredible. It’s structured and guided and gives me everything I need to continue to feel healthy and fit. I’m grateful Sheryl has put so much effort into making this program work for everyone.”

Karen Pelletier Arnold - "Works around my schedule . . ."

“Working shift work it has allowed me to continue with my fitness goals working around my schedule. Each exercise is adapted to what I have available at home.”

Kyla Evans - "Works for me."

“I love the virtual ICE classes! As a shift worker working 12hr shifts in Lethbridge, I am able to do the classes when it works for me.”