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Sheryl Baker  |  Owner/Coach

SGB Fitbodies is always in pursuit of improving our programs to suit the needs of our valued members, and to reach those who (like most of us) benefit from support and guidance in their health and fitness journey. We have in-person, virtual, and structured online options.

At SGB Fitbodies, we are passionate about staying up-to-date with current research and methodology in the fitness industry. We believe in bridging the gap between improving movement quality, joint stability, and range of motion, along with fun and intense strength training and cardio sessions, no matter the level you are starting at. Every fitness level and exercise history is welcome! Everyone needs to start somewhere.

Although there is a team behind the scenes, Sheryl is currently SGB’s sole trainer. The SGB Team of administrative support, smoothie bar operators, and front desk personnel are all an integral part of each program’s success. Each team member is excitedly working on individual certifications.

Currently, Sheryl coaches all classes and programs and delivers one-on-one training. Sheryl has over 20 years of experience including a strong background in kinesiology, four years as a physiotherapy assistant, nutrition and hormone training, and a host of additional continuing education credentials.

You can check out the up-to-date continuing education credits by clicking on the button LEARN MORE ABOUT SHERYL.

Sheryl has refined the process of designing classes where everyone at different fitness-levels can workout together at the same time, working at a pace and focus that is appropriate to each individual, while having fun, feeling zero judgment, and receiving accountability and acceptance from the group.

SGB Fitbodies has developed an amazing atmosphere over the years. One of acceptance, joy, laughter, and progress.

Each class, both in the gym and virtually, is a “fitness family”, amazingly-supportive and encouraging. Everyone starts where they start, and at SGB Fitbodies we know the most important part of the journey is just starting!

Sincerely, The SGB Fitbodies Team

We're not a traditional gym.

“My  mission is  to  provide  a  safe,  non-intimidating environment where everyone feels there is something for them, regardless of their shape, size, ability, age, or background. I want SGB to feel like a home-away-from-home to anyone who wants to join us. I strive to ensure everyone feels they have, and are a part of, a “fitness family”. What do I want people to take away from  it?…..Laugh and have fun!”

And they do! Check it out!


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Mobility Products

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Private Label

Private Label

Canadian made with certificates of analysis available. Highly accredited manufacturer – Canadian Premiere Supplements.
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RAD Roller Products

Self Myofascial Release for better mobility and muscle tension.

Sheryl Baker is certified in RAD Mobility Level 1 and a RAD affiliate. That means you, as an SGB Fitbodies member, receive the RAD products you order at a 5% discount!

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