Gaybe Capps – MP Transformation Testimonial



"My transformation journey started in April 2018. I was overweight, had little to no ambition and did not like what I saw in the mirror. I came to SGB Fitbodies and had a conversation with Sheryl where she suggested the Metabolic Precision Nutrition Program. Sheryl explained how MP works and I decided it was for me! 

The information was all new to me and Sheryl said to keep it simple. I was determined to use this information and change my body FOR ME! I dove right in and within four weeks I was seeing changes! The weight was coming off, I had more energy, more ambition and I was feeling good about myself.

As the program progressed through the 12 weeks I learned strategies that made it easy to succeed. Menu planning, food prep ideas and learning how to adapt favorite recipes within the MP guidelines all helped me achieve and surpass goals. 
I added exercise to the program and my body changed again! By building lean muscle mass I was burning fat faster while toning all areas of my body. I was amazed at how my body looked!

MP is easy! By learning how to eat to match my activity level and the support from Sheryl and everyone at SGB I have transformed my life. Do I falter? For sure! I enjoy the food I eat. I always make sure to have food prepared on hand and know how to find meals in a restaurant that keep me on track, without compromising taste. I enjoy a glass of wine or some chocolate without stress.

Accountability is on my shoulders and no one else’s. MP is a journey towards health and wellness. It’s a lifestyle that I embrace. The support and praise from Sheryl and all the MPers keeps me focused. Thank you for all you do!"

Ruth Skene-Reedyk – MP Transformation Testimonial


"I was depressed, disgusted with myself, and needed to make a change.

Six months into the challenge and continually refining eating habits to succeed in my health and wellness journey."


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