“Not Just Another Body Transformation Challenge”

GRAND PRIZE is $2,000!

The 2019 MP One-Year Challenge is unlike any typical body transformation challenge!

Unlike a weight loss challenge, the MP challenge is not about losing weight -- it is about transforming your body! The first step to transforming your body is transforming your lifestyle and your habits. By exploring and addressing the habits that have led to a body you aren't happy with, you will recognize how to begin transforming your lifestyle and habits and ultimately achieve greater success in sustaining the changes you seek to make.


The MP One-Year Challenge follows the guidelines and principles of Metabolic Precision. Based on this scientifically-proven method, The Challenge-winner will be, not the person who loses the most weight, but rather the person who makes the most significant and sustainable healthy changes over the one-year challenge. The 2019 MP One-Year Challenge-winner will be measured not only by body composition but by the lifestyle changes they made and the journey they endured and ultimately embraced to transform their body and health.


The MP One-Year Challenge is meant to be a life-changing, positive butt-kick in the right direction. It is meant to celebrate successes and, while no participant will complete the challenge with a perfect outcome, each will learn and apply effective strategies to stay committed during tough times, when things are stressful,  or when things happen that seem out of our control. The Challenge is meant to instil accountability and thoughtfulness when it would be easy to fall back into old habits. It is about community and support and is a friendly competition in which participants cheer each other on, root for one another, and support one another.


Whether you end the year $2,000 richer or not, simply by completing The 2019 MP One-Year Challenge, during which you will have held yourself accountable to the MP program, you and your fellow contestants will all be winners having achieved amazing results! Perhaps the grand prize is the push you need to take a chance on yourself and, with a world of support and encouragement, see it through with the very best of your ability, continually refining and improving each week and each month to achieve the body you have always wanted!


  • The winner of the 2019 MP One-Year Challenge will receive the Grand Prize of $2,000

  • The second place contestant will receive a one-year Full Meal Deal Membership 

  • The third place contestant will receive a free session of FIRE 


        Additional prizes include:

  • One month free of ICE, Apparel, Smoothies, Supplements, Private Training, and More!


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